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Doctorates Offered


Students who have completed an accredited master's degree may be interested in pursuing a doctoral degree. We consider many factors when a person enrolls in any graduate degree. The process is different for those who have earned a master's degree from Kidron because each of them has satisfied the core requirements of the school. For those transferring in at the doctoral level, this is normally not the case, and classroom for core requirements is required no matter the degree. These core classes are Hebrew I and II, Greek I and II, Hebrew Concepts of the New Testament I and II, Biblical Regional Studies, Culture at the Time of Jesus, Church History and classes in biblical archaeology. Kidron strongly holds to the principle that the five elements of culture, language, history, archaeology, and geography are essential for the interpretation of the biblical text. 


If a student has taken some of these classes at other institutions, it may be that those hours can be transferred in. At the time a student applies for admission for a doctoral degree, he/she has in mind an area of specific study. It is for that reason that once core requirements are satisfied in the doctoral degree fields, all credit hours will be conducted by directed research. In other words, at Kidron all graduate degrees are research degrees in the student's field of interest. For that reason, all graduate degree programs are developed on an individual basis. Kidron retains the right to change these research classes to overcome weaknesses in any particular area and to build on strengths. 


The doctoral degree program encompasses the following degree titles:

Biblical Studies

Near Eastern Biblical History 

Christian Counseling 

Jewish/Christian Studies


Christian Education

Messianic Jewish Biblical Theology and Rabbinic Thought

Biblical Hebrew


The doctoral degrees follow the guidelines listed above. If a person enrolls in a doctoral program, the same core requirements must be satisfied as listed above. The accumulative credit hours earned for the doctoral degree are 48 credit hours. This consists of 14 three-credit-hour directed research classes. In addition, a doctoral dissertation consisting of six credit hours must be completed. The dissertation will be approximately 175 pages. The breakdown of these six hours is as follows:


1. Two credit hours for the development, approval, and submission of topic and first chapter, along with anticipated research bibliography. 


2. Two credit hours will be awarded for completed first draft, annotated bibliography, and rewrites.


3. Two credit hours will be awarded for submission of the completed copy of the dissertation and oral defense. 


The cost for the doctoral degree is $8,500. This cost does not include the cost of textbooks or research-related materials. Monthly payments are available at no additional cost.


Other degree titles in the doctoral level are possible upon evaluation from the Kidron President and Board of Regents.



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