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This section contains articles written by the faculty of Kidron Christian College and Seminary.


Articles by Dr. Wheeler


The Witnessing Community: Studies in the עדה by Douglas A. Wheeler, PhD, ThD

This article is a must-read for every pastor who desires strong families within his/her church and for every parent and grandparent. The Hebraic perspective on God's design for the upbringing of children has been lost in our culture. This article brings clarity to the responsibility of every godly adult involved in the lives of our children.


For the Love of God by Douglas A. Wheeler, PhD, ThD

 Society teaches us that success, love and acceptance are based upon our performance. This carries over into the church so that many Christians live their entire lives trying to balance their works, their performance, with the love of God. In this article, Dr. Wheeler uses Hebraic thought, Hebraic understanding, to interpret Biblical text that shows another angle on how much God really loves us. When we have this revelation of His great love, we can live in security and work for Him because of His love rather than to get His love.  

The Art of Repentance by Douglas A. Wheeler, PhD, ThD

Have you ever committed a sin, repented, accepted forgiveness ... and found yourself stuck in guilt? The Art of Repentance gives you Hebraic tools to aid you in continually walking with the Lord in a face-to-face relationship.


The Salt of the Earth by Douglas A. Wheeler, PhD, ThD

Salt is a conceptual idea that is developed throughout the Bible. This article gives a Hebraic perspective on what it means to be salt to your marriage and in your family. 



Articles by Dr. Shadwick


Shabbat, A Great Blessing by Benjamin Shadwick, DMin

Shabbat is a blessing from God that not many Christians experience in our busy world. This is a timely reminder that giving God the Shabbat leads to more blessings than we could imagine.



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