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Professor Benjamin Shadwick, DMin


Dr. Shadwick received his Doctorate in Ministry from Christian Leadership University. He earned a Master's in Theology from Biblical Life College and Seminary, and his Bachelor's in Ministry was earned from Liberty University. He also graduated from the University of Tennessee Nursing program in 1975. 


Dr. Shadwick was brought into Hebraic Roots while studying about the Resurrection in a Baptist seminary. For the first time he learned that Jesus was crucified on Passover and that the Roman Catholic Church had substituted Easter for Passover and First Fruits. Finding this truth was the beginning of a search for more truth in the Scriptures.


Dr. Shadwick and his wife Sheral moved to Paragould, Arkansas, and began Path 2 Restoration, a Hebraic Roots Bible church, in their home in September 2007. Passover 2008, the Shadwicks hosted a Passover Seder in their garage with 17 people attending. The following year, the event was moved to another venue in Paragould, and 272 people attended. The Passover Seder is an annual event and is well received as gentiles are introduced to this important Biblical Feast.


Dr. Shadwick took his first trip to the Land in 1996. During this trip, he experienced an explosion of love for the Jews that has not faded but has continued to grow. He and his wife have visited Israel several times, and recently founded Ruth's Choice, a ministry to show love and compassion to the Jewish people.


He has written four books: The Path to Restoration, Return to the Garden, My Home His Church, and The Oil of His Presence.


The Shadwicks recently retired from nursing. They have two daughters and seven grandchildren.




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