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Professor Douglas Wheeler, ThD, PhD


Dr. Douglas Wheeler is president of Kidron Christian College and Seminary, founder and president of Mended Wings Ministry, and senior pastor of The House of Study Church.


Dr. Wheeler is recognized as a seasoned orator of the Word of God. His primary emphasis in ministry is to bring an in-depth understanding of God's love for the believer and His desire to walk in an intimate face-to-face relationship with believers. His secondary purpose is to help establish Bible colleges that understand the importance of the study of God's Word in the original languages. The beautiful word picture language of Hebrew is an instrumental tool in proper understanding of the Word of God.


Since 1988, Dr. Wheeler has founded and/or pastored six churches. The common ingredient in all these congregations is an increase in spiritual growth of those that are a part of his congregation.


In addition to the pastoral ministry, Dr. Wheeler founded Mended Wings Ministries in 1995. Mended Wings Ministry is dedicated to teaching the Hebraic principles for family life.


Dr. Wheeler was president of Jubilee Christian College from 2008 to 2013. He joined the staff of Jubilee Christian College in 1998 as academic dean and professor of Hebrew.


Dr. Wheeler received his Doctorate in Theology from Florida Theological Seminary in Orlando, FL, in 1995, with concentration in Biblical Studies. His dissertation  was Hebrew Bible Study Methodology.


He received his Doctorate of Philosophy at California Graduate School of Theology in Glendale, CA, in 1985, graduating Summa Cum Laude. His concentration for the PhD was Church Administration, and his dissertation was Think on These Things--Hebraic Conceptual Ideas From Philippians 4:8.


His Master of Arts Degree in Church Administration was from California Graduate School of Theology in 1982. His dissertation was The Influence of the Hebrew Language, History, and Culture on the New Testament.  He completed studies at Trinity Bible Institute in 1978 and holds a bachelor's degree from Texas Tech University.


He was inducted into the Oxford Society of Scholars in April 2009.


Dr. Wheeler was born again at age 9 at Methodist Youth Camp in Ceta Canyon, TX, and was baptized in water at the same camp the following year. While attending First United Methodist Church in Borger, TX, in 1975, he began to respond to God's call to enter the ministry. In 1982, he became a licensed minister at South Plains Christian Fellowship in Lubbock, TX. He is currently credentialed through Kidron Ministerial Association.


Dr. Wheeler has been married to Joyce Wheeler for over 26 years. They have two sons and three grandchildren.


In addition to his dissertations, Dr. Douglas Wheeler has authored several published and unpublished works:


     Benching and the Early Christian Meal

     For the Love of God

     Salt of the Earth

     The Menorah: A Picture of the Christian Life

     The Law of the Fringe

     The Echad of God

     Betrothed, An Intimate Face-to-Face Walk with God*


*This book can be purchased on the Internet or directly from Mended Wings Ministries.

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